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SVG: confusing mind Christmas POLARIS - STAR by marderchen SVG: confusing mind Christmas POLARIS - STAR :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 0 TEXTART: (tif,german) 9 words story by marderchen TEXTART: (tif,german) 9 words story :iconmarderchen:marderchen 1 0 GIF rainbow-CATZ (transparent) by marderchen GIF rainbow-CATZ (transparent) :iconmarderchen:marderchen 5 0 DRAW (crayon) me watching starclan.. atENDofTIME by marderchen DRAW (crayon) me watching starclan.. atENDofTIME :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 1 DRAW (graphit) me watching starclan.. atENDofTIME by marderchen DRAW (graphit) me watching starclan.. atENDofTIME :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 0 Screenshot: Deviantart should FIX this.. by marderchen Screenshot: Deviantart should FIX this.. :iconmarderchen:marderchen 1 0 FLASH ani: Rainbowspying Mushroom Cat by marderchen FLASH ani: Rainbowspying Mushroom Cat :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 0 SVG HIGH voltage Surface warning sign by marderchen SVG HIGH voltage Surface warning sign :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 0 Photo: The VAPING - meadows by marderchen Photo: The VAPING - meadows :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 0 GIF ani: CATZ DANZE transparent by marderchen GIF ani: CATZ DANZE transparent :iconmarderchen:marderchen 1 0 FLASH ani: CATZ DANZ    (draw+scriptinganimation) by marderchen FLASH ani: CATZ DANZ (draw+scriptinganimation) :iconmarderchen:marderchen 1 0 DRAW skizze CATZ DANZE by marderchen DRAW skizze CATZ DANZE :iconmarderchen:marderchen 1 0 ART by flashscriptfailture by marderchen ART by flashscriptfailture :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 0 FLASH ani: Bossifght CAT icon-animation (fanart) by marderchen FLASH ani: Bossifght CAT icon-animation (fanart) :iconmarderchen:marderchen 1 0 DRAW (beachsanddraw) Warriorcats by marderchen DRAW (beachsanddraw) Warriorcats :iconmarderchen:marderchen 1 0 GIF china PAW CATZ by marderchen GIF china PAW CATZ :iconmarderchen:marderchen 0 0


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SVG: confusing mind Christmas POLARIS - STAR
SVG (path only)…
SVG (colored)…

need a god starshape and just found crap in internet so creating own for this device:
**video on w0bm:…

STM32F103C8T6 code i have written for dading the direct connected leds:

pictures from creation and little more description in code =^.^=

it have build in Li-ion batteries and charge port for microUSB wire should runn up to a week with one charge.. its part from the creating awesome complex bright colorfull christmas decoretion cheap es possible..
hihi lol.. mi mynd is strange enough.. created without planes just free from mind.. and the result is so aweseome *purrrrrrr*
vidoe is a little overbrigehted caused star is extremly bright so you dont see the miror tube  effect in the flat star
its time for.. xmas decoration creation currently working on=>
**trying to bring the light from 3x 3Watt (UV,RGB,White) leds on extremly smal furface with glasfibre for having a colorchanging scratching eye brightenes like a laser………… ==)… (currently)

also luikkte other projects from last time seens to be much much letters
upgradet my phone extension cell to 11500mAh total with up to 4000mA micro USB fastcharging powet 4.5Watt white LED night panorama picture/movielight and 5V 2000mA normal USB powerbankport for charging things on phone…

** building polaris star device v2.0 (its A kind of radio controlled doorbell with light and flashing/sound also a bright colorfull decoration also a clock with red glowing 8dig led display (messages resieved by the 433MHz currently 9600baud receiver can also be shown)) build in: 11000mAh Li-ion for driving it some days stand alone (stm, 1x in polaris,, 1x 3Watt UV 1x White another 3Watt RGB in the black light canons tubes (should be little stars is finished.. try to vreate some light reflevting peaks) for messaging notifications, speaker,) strong 230Vsuppply inside for charge the cells with up to 4000mA , DC cell boardsupply for providing constand 5V 4000mA for star (also aviable on 2 USB ports on rear) ligfht sensor for diming matching to room brighteness , temperatur sensor (think room themperature not realy exact caused hole thing heating itself up .. so its kind of critical themperature proteciton) -> total 12Watt LED power .. a 8key remote (with 8leds for show status, intresting to build a circuit like the STM inside can cut his own power .. also 5V 2A supply for drive transmitter stm and aviable on USB port.. 4400mAh Li-ion and microusb charger module .. (itself switching of after some seconds.. so the cells should worke some moth  <-its the wireless doobel key) also buil in 3watt led to see something to find keyhole if dark .. 
.. pics:…………………………… first tests working fine, the transmitting range is nice but the cheap RF datatransmition modules recieve some kind of chaos from traffic in my room have to finde coding filter solution its project with focus on nice case.. video if done..
*build little 4x 5mm low power RGB led colorlamp for testing reflecting mirrors
=> video on w0bm… its realy need not much power so the ~8800mAh cellcapacity is enough for driving it over a week (microusb chargeport inside) 
-- trying optical effects with light reflectind disorbing foil.. the seen led reflection is moving up and down is changing wathcing distance.. 3pg videofile…

*reality system is a evil one its destroying itself killing the planet, its only a little time until total desater or holocaust.. caused i know this and my mind also not realy happy its better to watch on a meow screen and hear music than breaking mind with bad cogitations .. its realy making fun… => webm file… oh i like this bright colors *purrrrrr* (builded quick better screen before…… ) but .. at night explosion sound.. the light source from beamer explode in it (crap capitalism!) new light source only 30euro cheaper the new used beamer .. *pics:……
glad prodection glas in front of lamp not broken only lamp itself.. so analytics the driver board caused need to simulate/tell the main beamer bord the lamp is alrealy working if would use it with a led light source *try to build in a 100Watt chip led (caused its cost only ~2,7euro on ebay lol)…… trying it first with printer supplyboar but it only have 35watts.. (driving a 300watt beamer with only 35watt.. possible but not realy bright.. realy not!)changed printer supply to 2x 4A step up modukles..…… realy not bright like old times but enough to watch movi if seting UV roomlight to minimum.. *sight missing flashing colors) .. only option seens to be new beamer or the Luminus high power LED (its the smalest 75Watt high power on world with the a extremly smal light emitind surface ideal to build beamer with it but expensive)
** build holiday powerstation for chargind my devices/cells on holidays.. caused if i build devices the needet charge current is far tomuch for normal charger they just overheating smoking or diing.. if the try to provide ~7000mAh for my vapingdevice.. or other thing.. solution :
pics:………… old 250Watt ATX pc supply profides 5V 30000mAh, 6x 18650 charger (charging li-ion sepreatly everone with up to 2000mA (fastcharging) and 8 USB ports for charging devices 

**the powerconsumtionfrpom the solardriven memorial polarstern was far to high to charge it enough with 2 cells for running a night.. so buyed more sells.. glued together pics:……… therotetical they should provide 60Watts... caused i know thes sunn must burne extremly and the cells must be verry cold to reach 60watt output together.. i build on 5...30V to 5V 2000mA step down with usb port for having almos 10watts output.. (working fine, power led working with normal roomlight.. but meassuring result on sun shinng not realy fine power breake down to 3.9V (should be 5V but cells which charging empty) and 340mA… so have to rewrite colorcode for jusing less rainbowbrightness to reduce polaris powerconsumtion

** my current martencathole…………
intresting there is a GIMP- Inkscape app for android (400MB downlaod lol 1.7GB installed .. causwed just missing lots ov featuren in picsart, painter and the othe typical drawingapps and think there must be apps to draw this better>: saw cloudy kitty in holidays (picsart draw)… )
somday my mind is less chaotic and is finished projects befor starting a new one.. but if have some idea or need something/fixingsomething or trying new electric parts i received.. .. planing finishing project seens to be sensles but better doing something creativ just better than to nothing and laying with sad mind in bed MEW =^.°<
Poster done:… **172MB png 24bit colors……… printet with colorlaser (lexmark C544dn to 25 DINA4 600dpi pages.. but there are lot of pixel details in this picuter.. iam not happy to loose them if compressing it to 80MB devianart limit.. (and dowancalculating the 24bit colors to 8bit colors for have a smaler png also not want.. so no submition for thisone.
progressing me watching starclan poster near done: currently 170MB PNG… hf (better not open on smartphone it takes along time and eat much traffic.. but its art so cant use jpg) hope tommor to (clorlaser)print it on 32x DIN A4 pages have fun *my art is still free so do with it whatever you want
TEXTART: (tif,german) 9 words story
Δ(¡) [Its realy large <**1200dpi*209x297mm**> so download file and open (for example with irfanview) for zooming]

¶Something is still broken in my mind... something.. don't know
its intresting.. the next word is still the result from word before and now i can't wait for the last to stop !Í
most words you never hearing or reading somhere if not searching them  but why can't stop thinking about them..
Used fonts:
the cute symbole comic font:… (Potty Mouth)
the letter font:… (The Quiet Scream regular)

the watchingstarclan poster is getting bigger and biger so have to try different file formats.. and making a big file o test PC capacitys..

→my art↑ is always free≈ so do with it whatever you want ,,,>°.•‹,,,
file also there:…


Marderchen Mausokowitz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
realy ,make fun drawing on paper with cryons.. but think get better result if have drawtable with backlight.. (in manual setted color..) so build one with old printer and high power RGB leds (maybe UV later)… *supply (modet  a DVB-T receiver supply for stabilised adjustable voltage ..… ->… ) *just hate the reality but like do don't think about the bad system durring creativity so just make break from big projects and doing some smal… (its a USB chargingstation 8 ports more than 10.000mA) ..………… (cardcase with RFID protection and build in high power 29kHz soundsource (should be 400-500db) for protect agains dogs………… (tool light.. 7200mAh cellcapacity, 6Watt UV, 9Watt White adjustable brighteness, seperate switches, 2 runningmodes adjustabled or with full cell power (possibla caused big aluminium heatsing driving led over rated current result over 18Watt ) .. try to build digital Polaris  but the serial RGB leds running realy hot and have errors after a while..………  so buy acryl one for shape and build in high power RGB LED build solar box (caused just should run without supply) and write code for nice rainbow fading………… brightes star ever.. poor neighbours (up to 40times brighter than original buildin lowpower RGB led) need more solar cells power consumtion can reach >800mA if duty for all colors is near maximum Li-ion sunstorrage capacity 16.000mAh but current solar charge power only 500mA .. 
A alarmclock (adjustable timer)…………… after presing side button left setted  time applyed in right display and running down.. after time out 6Watt RGB leds flashing rainbowcolors and a output (screws in side is powered up with 4.2V ca. 30A for doing or powering  something) also its 6600mAh powerbank.. 
the biger projects try to build 263joule coilgun (maybe stroposcope laser driver, something..  else)…… for experiments 
building wall animation catpet.. mirormechanic finished nor have to upgrade code for better wifi communication… also working on High intensity/preformance oscilloscope, atable vaping device, a free in air ws2812 display, a plotter (maybe 3achses sometimes) have to fix high voltage insectburner caused rein water have destroyed gird.. getting parts to build car aircontition in my room for cooling, much much more.. so the projects are there, lot of them.. but withthe still sad mind caused the dead of the cat some weeks behind i often doing just hours of nothing laying in bed.. basicly reason for polaris star project is something memorial for the cat running for always nights powered by sun.. its just not an x-mas decoration.. currently less fun to making flashs with happy cats.. so doing material drawing artwork.. current… **77MB still playing nightcore.. **source… caused cute fast emotional hope the hole existens end soon >*.*< (i)all direct links to pictures/file on webspace, no shortener! oir htmls but some html(php) directorylistenings but nead realy much time for watch stuff have chosen some gifs from backup caused page missing (!)cat remembering page…… hope have some time do writing more source code just experimental/tryes from me


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TytoNoctua Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
I was looking around your profile and have no idea what it is you actually do? It looks interesting, its just Google translate doesn't do German very well.

All I can guess is that you know circuit-boards well enough to merge working electronics together, and that you make gifs, writing your own programs to help you with it. And RGB, lots of that. Am I missing anything?
marderchen Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
also in deutsch?

Ich bin ein furry und absoluter katzenfan..
(insbesondere Warriorcatsfan, wo ich mit grade duch Staffel 3 wusel (komm leider viel zuwenig zum lesen))
bin auch großer fan von allem was sehr hell,bunt und leistungstark ist.. 
Um die normale realität halbwegs interessant zu machen bin ich creativ geworden
malen->digitalisieren ->geräte bauen->html>digital malen, ->flash ->audibearbeitung->animieren->scripten ->CAD->geräte mit microcontrollern bauen(STM32)->coden-auseinandersetzung/lernen von >Actionscript->java->css->php->html->C++->..?-> noch nen haufen anderes..-> letzter vortschritt microcontrollerbluetooth pc verbindung..… schon ganz gut läuft aber am wlan arbeite ich noch es wär wesentlich schneller..
ich hab zwar um 2003 rum ne ausbildung als mechatroniker abgeschlossen aber (krankheitsbedingt)nicht drin gearbeitet.. sowas wie programmier sprachen bücher kenne ich auchnicht.. es ist also nur hobby , um sachen umzusetzen die es so entweder nicht gibt oder schlicht zuteuer sind.. (es funktioniert zwar aber die codes sind alles andere als proffesionell.. (actionscript und C++ codes in textform) ) aber ich denke das wird irgentwann schon besser, ich kratz ja grad erst an der oberfläche..  gibt auchnoch nen permanent wachsenden upload ordner für handybilder die ich beim basteln mache.. wenn etwas fertig ist landets meist in der google+sammlung mit ner kleinen doku… mein bestreben ist die welt farbenfroher und wenns geht cuter zu machen, bei dem gedanken am pc creativ zu sein um geld zu verdienen streubt sich mir das fell..

Meine iinneres weltbild ist ziemlich düster**@erwarten des baldigen ende der existenz.. (sei es durch irgent nen warscheinlichen realen grund wie terror,weltkrieg,asteroiden,umweltkatastrophen,epidimien, etc oder eher unwahrscheinlichen wie alieninvasionen, einmischen anderer höherer inteligenzen ,etc..)**
weswegen ich versuche dem durch meine creativität ein cutes  gegengewicht zu geben.. das ende hat etwas positives wenn ich mit als Katzenapokalypse vorstell..
Mein realwelthintergrund der letzten jahre ziemlich deprimieren, die leider nicht realen welten haben was faszinierendes, sind aber auch gemeingefährlich fürs reale..

was ich aktuel tu könnte man vielleicht als niemals endende weiterbildung beschreiben.. mit jedem neuen projekt lerne ich etwas mehr dazu.. 

hoffe das war nicht zu ausführlich..
falls es ne frage zu irgentwelchen funktionen/technicken/umsetzung von irgentwass gibt versuch ichs gerne zu erklären, die welt wär soviel cuter wenn sich mehr damit auseinandersetzen würden =^.^=
Hyenapocalypse Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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Snowfall16 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danke fuer die +fav !

(entschuldigung fuer meine schlechte Grammatik, ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch)
M-Y-S-T-l-C Featured By Owner May 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav <3
Jaystarofbloodclan Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome to warrior cats meow!!! hope you enjoy the group!!!
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